Corporate Relocation

Tracey can find you suitable rental accommodation for your Corporate Relocation needs.

You will be emailed a Relocation Criteria Brief form, once complete, you will be recommend the exact location which we think will be suitable for your circumstances i.e. job location, children’s schools, lifestyle etc.

All properties are personally inspected, video footage and photos are taken, then negotiate with the Real Estate Agent for best possible terms on your lease.

It is not easy trying to find a rental property from when you are time poor or live Interstate or Overseas, especially when numerous tenants are all applying for the same property, you have to be “on the ground” with rentals. Tracey understands the challenges you face and knows how to overcome them, she represents Interstate, Overseas and local clients or Expatriates returning back to Australia.

Tracey also finds out which Rental Properties are about to come on the market – giving you first refusal.

Tracey liaises constantly with you and keep you totally up to date with our progress.